Media Planning

Media Planning

Marketing is a process that requires unidirectional efforts panning various elements of a brand. We understand brand building in its various facets and have dedicated experts working on each aspect to create the perfect synchronization of elements contributing to a powerful brand.


               MEDIA PLANNING

 Print : Our years of expertise have armed us with enough insight into brand requirements which we utilize to drive path breaking campaigns. Here, we showcase some of the campaigns released by Uniprints across the print media space.

 Radio : Radio communication for your brand involves creativity and engagement at their very best. Here is a compilation of some of the most innovative campaigns we have driven utilizing Radio as a media vehicle.

 OOH : Out of Home as a media vehicle has gained a lot of importance in the past years. While strategic placement of your message is important, so is creativity in conceptualizing and executing a campaign. Some of the most noteworthy outdoor campaign we have released include

 Digital : Digital arena is our forte and over the years, we have executed some of the most ingenious and engaging campaigns for various brands utilizing digital media that include social media campaigns and SEO techniques utilized to build prominence for brands. Here, we showcase some of the most inspired campaigns utilizing our digital media expertise.